Pokémon Go’s next Community Day offers up Eevee

 Pokémon Go’s next Community Day offers up Eevee

If Pokémon Go’s Eevee has eluded you, you’ve got an increased chance to catch one during the game’s next summer event.

Another Community Day event is coming up, offering up Eevees at an increased rate for three hours each day. Pokémon Go’s next Community Day is scheduled for Aug. 11 and 12 from 1pm CT to 4pm CT. Bonuses for the day include an exclusive move, as well as three times the amount of catch stardust and three hour lures.

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To get the featured moves players have to catch or evolve Evee, the featured Pokémon for this event, during the Community Day hours. So far the special move has not been announced.

Pokémon Go’s Community Day for July featured Squirtle, and players were out in full force last month. Players for Team Mystic ended up with the highest catch rates across the world, Niantic announced in its Community Day blog post. It’s a result that shouldn’t surprise many Pokémon Go fans; Mystic players have ruled over all the Community Day events so far.

This Community Day is still a ways away, but players can bide their time by participating in the upcoming Pokémon Go Fest, scheduled for July 14 and 15 in Chicago’s historic Lincoln Park. Players that aren’t able to attend the event in person can still participate. Pokémon featured in the Pokémon Go Fest will spawn around the world at increased rates, according to Niantic. You may want to catch Evee while you can, as the rumored introduction of Generation IV would mean more evolutions for the cute fuzzball.