Pokémon Go Fan Finds Bizarre Crop Circles On GPS Map

While playing Pokémon Go, one player discovered an odd crop circle that sparked a discussion about similar encounters within the community.


Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go can completely change players’ life if it becomes a game they play every day and actively go on walks so they can catch more Pokémon for their collection. However, the recent discovery of some strange crop circles has highlighted that the game is also more helpful than most GPS applications.

One Pokémon Go player found an extremely strange set of what appeared to be crop circles on the game’s map while they were out and about playing. These crop circles are the game’s interpretation of the nearby corn maze, which happens to be shaped like Mater from Cars. The image players shared has sparked a conversation among Pokémon Go community about all the different routes that Pokémon Go picks up, but most map or guidance applications don’t.

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Corn Maze Image in Pokémon Go Sparks Discussion About the Game’s Usefulness as a Map App

Pokémon Go is not what most people think of when they need a GPS application to help them get somewhere. However, the way the game interprets map data seems far more powerful than apps such as Google and Apple Maps.

In the image above, posted by Reddit user Vinswag on the Pokémon Go subreddit, the shape of the nearby corn maze can be seen against the background. Players in the conversation thread for this post initially pointed out how Pokémon Go makes it possible to see the shape of the corn maze as Mater from Cars, but have also begun discussing how they use the game to get around when other GPS applications fail them.

One player, in particular, recounts how they were hiking a path in a remote area, and no application could show the route they needed to take. Pokémon Go, on the other hand, had the route highlighted clearly against the terrain. This is likely due to the way the game interprets map data and is designed to show paths and roads much more clearly than anything else. This help players identify where they can easily walk and catch more Pokémon and ensure they don’t wander into a restricted property and stick to areas where they know they’re allowed.