Pokémon Go Fest returns this year in Chicago with events also planned for Dortmund and Yokosuka


Pokémon Go Fest, which promises to offer an immersive play experience for trainers, will be returning to Chicago from July 14 to 15 after last year’s failed debut event.

Niantic staged the first Pokémon Go Fest on July 22, 2017 in Chicago, giving players the chance to complete challenges, meet other players, and unlock legendary Pokémon. The event was plagued with issues with fans unable to connect to wifi or attend many of the activities due to overcrowding.

Niantic ended up with a $1.5 million settlement to reimburse for fans travel expenses. Niantic also refunded attendees in July 2017 with $100 worth of Pokécoins, the in-game currency, to apologize for how the event was run.

This year’s event will cost $20 and will be filled with activities and exclusive events. Not much else has been revealed, however.

Two smaller events will also be help areas outside of America to kick of Niantic’s new Pokémon Go Summer Tour. One of these events will be held in Dortmund, Germany from June 30 to July 1 at the Westfalenpark, while the other will take place in Yokosuka, Japan at an unannounced date and location.

Unlike the Pokemon Go Fest main event, these two locations will hold small Safari-zone events, increasing the chances of finding rare and powerful Pokémon over a two-day period. Both events will also be free to enter unlike Pokémon Go fest.

More details on the Safari Park event, as well as the location and date for the Japanese version, will be revealed at a later date.