Pokémon Go Fest 2021 details arrive ahead of the event with Ultra Unlock requirements and rewards

Pokémon Go Fest is nearly here.

Pokémon Go Fest 2021 is fast approaching, with many players looking forward to a full weekend filled with rare Pokémon and legendary Pokémon battles. The big event will be taking place from July 17 to 18, and there are bound to be a variety of special rewards and surprises that developers Niantic have yet to reveal yet. However, a week before it all goes down, the team has decided to give players a small preview of the upcoming Ultra Unlock challenges and rewards, along with the additional rewards all players can receive during that weekend.

The Ultra Unlock will be happening after Pokémon Go Fest, but players will need to complete Global Challenge Arena tasks to unlock the rewards for these events. There will be 24 challenges that need to be completed during Pokémon Go Fest 2021, and each unlocks a new Ultra Unlock event.

Ultra Unlock Part 1 is all about time, where the time will be disrupted, and Pokémon from different eras have the chance to appear more often. If players complete eight global challenges, these rewards will unlock from July 23 until August 3.

Ultra Unlock Part 2 is about space. Pokémon from all parts of the world will be transported to locations they’re not used to, giving players who typically would not encounter them in their area the chance to catch them before they return to their rightful location. Players need to complete 16 global challenges, and these rewards will unlock on August 6 to 17.

Ultra Unlock Part 3 is a mystery, and players will need to wait and see about this theme later. Players will need to complete all 24 global challenges to unlock part 3, and these rewards are available from August 20 to 31.

For those who are not Pokémon Go Fest 2021 ticket holders, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits from the event. All players will be able to make six Special Trades each day from July 16 to 18. Pikachu with a Meloetta hat will be appearing in the wild from Saturday to Sunday, with a chance for it to be shiny. On Saturday, Galarian Ponyta and Zigzagoon wearing Meloetta hats will be appearing in one-star raids, alongside Deino. There is a chance for all of these Pokémon to be shiny. Galarian Weezing, Hitmontop, and Cranidos will be appearing in three-star raids. If you evolve Kirlia anytime on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll receive a Gardevoir that knows Synchronoise. If you evolve Vibrava during those same times, you’ll receive a Flygon that knows earth power.

Pokémon Go Fest 2021 is a little over a week away, giving players plenty of time to prepare for their full weekend of capturing and raiding against some of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go.