Pokemon Go is adding a bunch of new Gym Leader cosmetic items


Three new sets of avatar items for each of the teams have been released for Pokémon Go today, and you will need to have unlocked certain medals before you can buy them.

These three new outfits are based on the Ace Trainers in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire. They can only be unlocked through earning the Gym Leader medal in-game, which is rewarded when a player successfully beats an opposing team’s gym.

As a player unlocks each tier of the medal, a new item will unlock in the store and be available to purchase in the in-game store. These items can only be purchased with Pokécoins, which are bought with real money.

The Gym Leader outfit is separated into three colors, red for Team Valor, blue for Team Mystic, and yellow for Team Instinct, so that you can represent your team in style while protecting a sought after Gym in the local area.

Trainers aren’t limited by color, however. You can buy a yellow version of the outfit while on Team Valor or Mystic, for example,.

The outfits follow the release of the Jogger Outfit, Battle Girl Outfit, and Fisherman Outfit released last month. Just like the Gym Leader outfit, these three costumes were only unlockable by obtaining a certain in-game medal achievement.