Pokémon Go introduces new Community Day Classic event with Bulbasaur returning in January 2022

Bulbasaur returns as a second Community Day Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

A new series of Community Day events are coming to Pokémon Go starting on January 22, 2022, with the Community Day Classic. During the Season of Heritage, players will encounter Bulbasaur as a Community Day Pokémon, outside of the new Community Day set to happen earlier in the month, featuring Spheal on January 16.

The Community Day Classic event will be bringing back Bulbasaur for the day, with the chance for trainers to evolve it into Venusaur and teach it, Frenzy Plant. There will also be a Community Day event that you can purchase to earn even more rewards. The ticket is called Bulbasaur Community Day Classic, and we might even expect to see more of these events moving forward.

The event contains everything you can expect from a standard Community Day event. However, only this classic version features a Pokémon that has already been done before. It’s also shorter, from 2 PM to 5 PM on January 22.

The development team, Niantic, has featured Pokémon that have already had events where they bring back old Pokémon, but they typically give them a new move. This event does not provide Bulbasaur or its evolved form Venusaur, a new move.

The Community Day Classic events could be a good way for players to return to older events they may have missed over the years while keeping a new one in the works. We’ll have to see if this becomes a continuing trend for Pokémon Go moving forward.