June’s Pokémon Go Community Day will offer increased Larvitar spawns

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Niantic has revealed June’s Pokémon Go Community Day just after the Charmander event ended on Saturday. June’s event will showcase one of Johto’s best Pokémon, Larvitar, during a three-hour window on June 16.

The event starts at 1pm CT in North America, 10am GMT in Europe, and noon JST in the Asia Pacific region. During the event, Larvitars will spawn more frequently for three hours at local community parks and centers around the world. Essentially, you can find more Larvitars at places with a lot of Pokéstops.

In addition to increased Larvitar spawns, trainers will be rewarded with three times as much experience throughout the event for any actions, including raids, gym battles, and capturing Pokémon. This makes the event ideal for anybody who’s looking to level up quickly and unlock brand new items to help them on their quest to complete their Pokédex.

With so many Larvitars available, trainers will be trying to stock up on those important pieces of Pokémon candy to try and evolve one into a Tyranitar—the final evolution in the Larvitar line. Trainers will need 25 Larvitar candies to evolve it into a Pupitar, and then 100 more to get a Tyranitar.

June’s Pokémon Go Community Day will increase the odds of finding shiny Larvitars during the event, too. It’ll also allow trainers to get a Tyranitar with an exclusive event-only move—but Niantic hasn’t revealed what the exclusive move will be yet.

Tyranitar is one of the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go, so most trainers will want to mark their calendars in an effort to catch as many Larvitars as possible in June.