Shiny Luvdisc have been added into Pokémon Go to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Pokemon Go Teams

Niantic has announced a new event in Pokémon Go to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In order to celebrate this time of love and romance Luvdisc, the Love Pokémon, will start spawning more frequently until Feb. 15.

If a trainer captures a Luvdisc during this time, they will be rewarded three times as much Stardust as usual for each one they catch. Stardust is important for powering up your Pokémon, so make sure to catch as many Luvdiscs as you can to take over nearby gyms or fight against powerful legendary Raid Pokémon.

A Shiny Luvdisc, which is a gold colored variant of the original Luvdisc’s pink design, has also been added to the game. It is unknown if this special variant of Luvdisc will leave the game at the end of the event.

Niantic have also increased the spawn rate for Chansey. That makes it easier to get enough Chansey Candy to evolve one of your Chanseys into a Blissey—one of the rarest Pokémon in the game.