Pokémon Go Manager Speaks Out on Remote Raid Pass Death Threats

A Pokémon Go Global Community Manager is speaking out following death threats about the Remote Raid Pass changes.


Tensions are high in the Pokémon Go community following a series of changes to gameplay that have seriously impacted the player base. Fans have struggled with a series of rollbacks originally designed to make the mobile app more inclusive throughout 2020 and 2021. Many have cited the alterations as a reason to step away from the game.

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go changes have included a reduction in Community Day timeframe durations from six hours to three hours, increased prices on important items like Remote Raid Passes, and nerfs to Incense items that make them harder to use when not in motion.

The most recent update, which has impacted the prices and usability of Remote Raid Passes, appears to be a breaking point for many Pokémon Go players. However, while some are calling for petitions and boycotts, a recent social media post from a Global Community Manager shows some are going too far.

Pokémon Go Global Community Manager attacked on personal account

In a Twitter post shared by PlayerOneTyler, a global community manager for Pokémon Go, it is revealed players upset with the changes have targeted his personal account, and that he has received at least one death threat. The post reads, “Got my first death threat. I mean this sincerely. This is my personal account. I look at what people say (regarding my line of work), but this is not an official line of communication for Niantic. If you want me to see your feedback, please be constructive. Threats are not.”

The situation is upsetting, as the community is what Pokémon Go — as repeatedly stated by Niantic — is all about. Players in the comments are equally as upset by the news, with many standing by the global community manager and apologizing for and sympathizing with his experience.

At this time, Niantic has not released any statements addressing the public outcry against the changes in Remote Raid Passes. Because of the noted and widespread impact, it will have on most of the player base, there is hope that the daily limits and price hikes will be walked back.

Hopefully, more information on the changes and the outcry from Pokémon Go players will be addressed soon — and without any further harm done to those who work on the mobile app.