Pokemon Go: New Team Go Rocket Members Revealed

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Pokémon Go has revealed new members for Team Go Rocket.

Earlier this week, the Pokémon Go Twitter account shared a few distorted images that came from a corrupt file. The photos linked to Team Go Rocket, an evil Pokémon organization based on Team Rocket from the main games.

All the images had the Team Rocket logo, with each picture showing a mysterious person. The distortion hid them, so it was difficult to make out what they were. One of them appeared to be an older woman. Another looked like a muscular man. The last person had a smaller build than the other two and was wearing some eye protection.

Today, Pokémon Go unveiled a new image. The new image is the last picture Professor Willow recovered from the corrupt file.

The new image shows a trainer confronting Team Go Rocket on a staircase. Surrounding Team Rocket are several Shadow Pokémon, which are Pokémon corrupted with Rocket’s evil and have a black aura around them. We now have a better view of each of the mysterious people. All three wear Team Rocket uniforms.

The woman is making eye contact with the trainer wearing a skintight, white uniform. Above her, on her left is the person with the smaller build from the distorted images. They are wearing a suit and some goggles. On the woman’s right, which is the left side of the image, is the buff man from the distorted images. He is also wearing a black uniform, and he is either wearing a hat or has big hair.

On top of the staircase is a person in a black business suit. Even though we cannot see this person clearly, it is probably Giovanni, the leader of all versions of Team Rocket. He is infamous for his black suit and his imposing personality.

The Pokémon Go Twitter account claims that the three new people are a part of Team Go Rocket, and warns players about it. The image is set to be a new loading screen image as a warning to all trainers in the game. The new members of Team Go Rocket are most likely some version of admins, which are durable trainers in the mainline Pokémon games that work for the evil organization. They aren’t stronger than the team leaders but are significantly more potent than the average grunt.