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Pokemon Go Player Begs For Pidgey Spawns To Complete Shiny Mew Masterwork

One Pokemon Go player only needs Pidgey and its evolutions to complete their Kanto Pokedex and Shiny Mew Masterwork.

As the deadline for purchasing the pass approaches, one Pokemon Go player is begging the community to help them figure out how to catch a Pidgey so they can complete their Kanto Pokedex and claim a Shiny Mew Masterwork.

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Pokemon Go players are working through the “All-in-One #151” Masterwork Research so they can get a new Shiny New Masterwork, but some are struggling. A player that only joined the game two months ago is almost there with the research, but they just need what should be a fairly common Pokemon, Pidgey.

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Pokemon Go Can’t Find the One Pokemon They Need for Their Kanto Pokedex, Pidgey

Players in Pokemon Go are working their way through one of the most prestigious research projects in a long time, the All-in-One #151 Masterwork Research. The reward is a Shiny Mew, but not all players are finding it easy to complete every requirement. One player has posted on The Silph Road Subreddit asking how to get what should be an easy Pokemon to catch.

The Pokemon this player is after is Pidgey and its evolutions. Once they capture a single Pidgey, they’ll be able to evolve it into Pidgeotto and Pidgeot after. The issue is that they only started playing two months ago, so they’ve found it incredibly difficult to capture a Pidgey. “The only thing I need to finish the Kanto dex is Pidgey and the evolved forms, but they are not spawning, so is there any way to get them.”

Other players have jumped in to break the bad news that Pidgey simply isn’t as common as it used to be when Pokemon Go was first released, “Gone are the times where you had so many Pidgeys you ran one lucky egg for a full 30 minutes evolving those to get more exp.”

Unfortunately for the player, the key to getting more Pidgeys seems to be playing Pokemon Go for longer. This thread did draw out some nostalgic memories for the fan base, though, “Saving up new evolutions for that extra XP. The grind was real.” Pidgey is an extremely common Pokemon in the early generation of games, and it was in Pokemon Go a few years ago. Unfortunately for this player, they’ll have to work harder and play longer if they want to complete the Kanto Pokedex.

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