Pokemon Go Player Finds “Team Rocket Headquarters” In Real Life

Team Rocket’s not doing so good at hiding (again).

While Team Rocket may not be the most subtle evil team to come out of the Pokemon mainline, it seems they really fumbled the bag this time. Team Rocket may be restricted to just your phone screen, but for this Reddit user, Team Rocket’s down the street. A funny coincidence has turned meme on social media as people draw similarities between Team Rocket and a suspicious-looking building.

Team Rocket sure doesn’t look suspicious at all today

A Reddit user seems to have caught Team Rocket in the middle of some interesting and telling renovations. Good for a laugh. This building looks pretty similar to the Team Rocket logo, right down to the color scheme and everything. While we don’t know what the building is actually supposed to be, its appearance on Pokemon Go’s subreddit is amusing enough all by itself.

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While the building may be more of a shoutout to Pokemon Go, with Pokemon and Team Rocket appearing in real life and all, some users have noted other similarities. The building not only has the Team Rocket similarity with the logo but also an architectural similarity with the Team Plasma building in Castelia City. Even if it didn’t resemble the Silph building, everyone’s getting the impression that if you walk in there, you’ll surely see Giovanni and have to fight him.