Pokémon Go Player Holds Go Battle League Troll “Hostage” In Hilarious Standoff

Not every battle has to have a verified winner at the end of it in Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

There’s more than one way to win a player battle in Pokémon Go. Some players go for the traditional way of defeating an opponent, strategically using their Pokémon attacks and switching out their roster. One player has found a way to “win” by not attacking, using some of the tankiest Pokémon in the mobile game.

The Battle League encounter was shared by a Reddit user, where they share how they were surprised by the unorthodox tactic their opponent used. They simply refused to attack whatsoever and instead relied solely on shields.

Pokémon Go Battle League Fight Becomes Fight of Endurance

Image via Reddit

The battle was shared on Reddit, and the fight showcased the user using Gardevoir, Tyranitar, and Gyarados on their team. Thankfully, only the Gardevoir was necessary as the opponent refused to use any other attack against their opponent. In the final shot, we see Slaking lounging whimsically as it barely has any health left, and all its shields are down. Gardevoir has not taken a single point of damage, nor have the other Pokémon.

Although the battle reached this point, the player who shared it said that once they realized what their opponent planned to do by simply trolling others with this strategy, they sat on the battle screen while eating their lunch. It was an attempt to hold the other player hostage and prevent them from harming other Pokémon Go users.

Other players in the comment discuss how this strategy works in general and how if an opponent has bulky enough Pokémon, it’s possible for them to draw out a battle until the five-minute mark. Many agree it’s not the best strategy but it can work under the right circumstances. A handful of players also shared in the comments how they’ve run into this before and believed it to be one of the more toxic strategies in Pokémon Go.

Even though it might not be the most treasured strategy, it has been done, and it’s a race against time for players to try and win. Or, in this case, see who trolls the other harder.