Four years in, Pokémon Go has reportedly surpassed $3.6 billion in revenue

Pokemon GO has proved that it isn’t a fad, with continued success after four years.

Pokemon GO player spending

Since Pokémon Go was released in July 2016, the popular augmented reality mobile application has exceeded $3.6 billion in global player spending, according to a report by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower. Despite it being four years old, it has maintained its position as the leader for location-based games with competitors like Dragon Quest Walk from Square Enix, Jurassic World Alive from Ludia, and Let’s Hunt Monsters from Tencent.

Pokémon Go has continued its massive success even years after the initial hype around its 2016 release, which brought in $832.5 million in the first six months. The United States makes up for 35.4% of player spending, or $1.3 billion, with Japan and Germany following close behind. The U.S. also led in installs with 576.7 million unique downloads, but Brazil and Mexico ranked on this chart instead.

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The mobile application generated a record $905 million in 2019. However, consistent growth in first half-year player spending since 2017 shows that this number will be most likely surpassed in 2020.

Pokémon Go has generated $445.3 million in the first half of 2020, even with the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This can be attributed to the American game developer implementing features that allowed users to play while still staying at home. In addition, the transition of many countries exiting lockdown could mean a surge in player activity.