Pokemon Go Players Claim Niantic Sending Mixed Signals With Campfire’s Team Up Feature

Pokemon Go players are becoming confused with the intentions of Campfire being able to help trainers join raids.

Image via Niantic

Just last week, Niantic released a new mobile app that is supposed to act as a companion to Pokemon Go. However, fans feel confused about the actual direction of the Campfire app, as the game was designed to help players get in touch with other players that are looking to participate in raids, as many purchase Remote Battle Raid passes and then don’t get the opportunity to use them.

Pokemon Go players have already hopped onto the Campfire, finding new friends to play the game with. This app can come in handy out in the wild when you need to find more players to team up with quickly. Sadly fans are perplexed about the app and want its intentions are, though.

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Players Are Becoming Unsure Of Campfire

Niantic, not too long ago, raised the prices of Remote Raid Passes, which frustrated fans a bit, but it was also understandable, with pricing going up all over the world. However, with the launch of Campfire, players are really confused as it seems using the Team Up feature, even while at the location, is still using Remote Raid Passes.

Another feature that fans are showing frustration with is not being able to pick each Pokemon the trainers in the team-up lobby will be battling. Players believe that Niantic created Campfire so that third-party applications with PokeGenie wouldn’t be used as much, and their community could grow even more within their own means.

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The problem that some players are experiencing when it comes to trying to join raids with other trainers is that whenever they see a lobby of players forming, it is unlikely that they will make it over to them in time. This comes from seeing raids in larger areas but the trainers not being close enough to join, meaning they would have to use one of their remote raid passes and not a standard pass. This is causing some stress for players as they don’t wanna use up all their passes early in the day.