Pokemon GO Players Commiserate Over Least Favorite Field Research Tasks

Field Research can be incredibly rewarding in Pokemon GO, but players agree some tasks just aren’t worth the benefits

Pokemon No PoGo Image

Image via Niantic

In Pokemon GO, players can earn rewarding new Field Research Tasks with a quick swipe at PokeStops. However, there are some quests that players dislike so much they delete them on sight rather than even attempt them.

Fans of the game took to Reddit recently to share some of their most skipped Field Research tasks, and the results are pretty darn relatable. Some of these tasks are so tricky they border on impossible, while others are just too time-consuming, but the one thing they have in common is that they’ve made some players’ auto-delete lists.

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The Field Research Everyone Loves To Skip

One Reddit user asked Pokemon GO players to share the Field Research tasks they like to delete immediately, and it turns out we were very ready to share our thoughts on the matter.

From the comments, it’s clear there are a few Field Research tasks that many players love to skip. Some, like the original poster’s 2+ Nice Curveball streak task, are pretty difficult to pull off and wind up sitting in the task list forever, taunting the player. Others, like tasks that ask us to take multiple photos with a certain type of Pokemon, can be too time-consuming for the rewards on offer.

Another common nope from players is the Field Research that asks you to scan a particular PokeStop location for AR mapping purposes. Trainers comment that it would be pretty awkward to stand in certain locations while the app does its AR mapping thing, and the reward of a few berries doesn’t really seem worth the awkwardness.

The thread also led to a discussion about whether or not it’s possible to fulfill the Ditto Field Research Task, with some users insisting that Ditto is actually a myth and can’t be caught in the game. My 556 CP Ditto might not be that impressive, but I’m relatively confident it exists, so I think you can guess where this trainer falls on that particular debate.

These Field Research tasks may be skippable, but it’s certainly entertaining to see players commiserate about their failed attempts and “never again” moments.