Pokemon Go Teams Up With McDonalds To Bring More PokeStops To Canada

Pokemon GO and McDonald’s Canada are joining up to bring more Pokestops to Canada with exclusive sponsored field research and more.

Pokemon Go McDonald's

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go is no stranger to brand partnerships, bringing Sponsored PokeStops to several businesses across many countries. Now, they’ve partnered with McDonald’s to create Sponsored PokeStops across Canada.

Sponsored PokeStops in Pokemon Go aren’t new, as we’ve seen a few different partnerships in the past. These PokeStops offer exclusive rewards when you spin their photo disks, and Canadian Pokemon GO fans will now be able to catch Pokemon while they grab some chicken nuggets with this new partnership.

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Pokemon GO and McDonald’s Canada Delivering New PokeStop and Gym Locations

Today, Pokemon GO announced via Twitter that all McDonald’s restaurants in Canada will soon become PokeStops, with a few even becoming gyms.

This is Pokemon GO’s first partnership with McDonald’s Canada and will feature a plethora of sponsored PokeStops. These locations will give trainers the usual PokeStop rewards like PokeBalls and berries and will also feature special sponsored Field Research Tasks with coveted in-game rewards like Rare Candy.

Sponsored PokeStops are nothing new for the game, which has partnered with brands like Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, and more. However, the McDonald’s partnership is one of the game’s first Canadian partners and will increase the number of available stops in the country. Though this is the first time they’ve partnered with the chain in Canada, Pokemon GO and McDonald’s have a history of working together in other parts of the world, which hopefully means a relatively smooth rollout of the new sponsored stops.

Based on their post telling us to look out for “future announcements and other special promotions,” this may only be the beginning of a happy partnership between Pokemon GO and the Golden Arches. Personally, I’m dreaming of Pokemon-shaped chicken nuggets, but we’re probably more likely to see in-game rewards.