Pokemon Go Players Disappointed With Three-Hour Riolu Hatch “Day” Announcement

Pokemon Go players are not looking forward to the upcoming Riolu Hatch Day given the historical odds of hatching a shiny Riolu.

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go events don’t last as long as they used to, or at least, they feel like they have shorter windows. Players are feeling the hurt with the latest upcoming event, the Riolu Hatch “Day” event, which in reality is a three-hour event where players have a short amount of time to increase their chances of hatching a Riolu from an egg.

Unfortunately, not too many fans are looking forward to it. This has to do with the history of tragically low chances of hatching a Shiny Riolu from eggs, which have led many Pokemon Go players to dismiss the event, and want to spend their time doing something else.

Pokemon Go Players Scoff at Shiny Riolu Egg Odds for Upcoming Event

The event was announced at the end of June 2023 and added at the bottom of Pokemon Go’s July 2023 content map. The event will be happening on July 22, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM in all players’ local time zone. During this time, Riolu will supposedly have a much higher chance to appear as an egg reward when hatching 2km eggs, which have an increased chance to drop when spinning PokeStops. There’s also an increased chance of encountering a Shiny Riolu.

Although these have been the limited details the Niantic team has shared with us for the upcoming Pokemon Go event, fans are not too optimistic about it. They’re expecting to encounter a low chance of any Shiny Riolu from these 2 KM eggs, and even unlikely chances of hatching Riolu from these eggs.

This is the large issue many fans have with an event like this, the chances to encounter other Pokemon might hinder an opportunity to find Riolu in Pokemon Go. Many are not expecting to see a Shiny one, but are partially hopeful for it, even if the event itself is only three hours long, especially since the time for incubators won’t be halved. Players should expect to walk the full distance to hatch Riolu for a 2 KM egg.

Pokemon Go players have taken to a Reddit thread to share their concerns about the event. One player shared, “3 hours for an egg event is so stupid, the chances of getting a Riolu from this will be tiny. Better to spend your Saturday doing something nicer.”

Others have pointed out that the event is a waste of time, expecting Lucario to get a Shiny release when Mega Lucario appears in the future in Pokemon Go. “But, Lucario will get its Shiny release with Go Fest and be Shiny eligible for its eventual Mega Raids, so yeah, you could always for it,” another shared. This is pure speculation by this user, but it would line up with Niantic’s track record when it comes to releasing Shiny Pokemon.

Hopefully, any players who do participate in Pokemon Go’s Riolu Hatch Day have the chance to catch a Shiny Riolu. It looks like the odds are stacked against everyone, and many more players are far more interested in waiting for the eventual Mega Lucario raids to occur before giving in to an event like this, especially if the odds are not in the player’s favor.