Pokémon Go Tour: Johto tickets are on sale now, coming in February 2022

Catch Johto Pokémon and any missing shiny version you need to add to your collection.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon Go Tour event series returns, and this time it’s all about the Johto region Pokémon. You’ll be able to participate in this event at the end of February 2022, unlocking the remaining shiny version of Pokémon that has yet to release from this region. Numerous bonuses happen for all players during this event, but you can receive additional choices if you purchase the Gold or Silver version tickets.

The Pokémon Go Tour: Johto event will feature all Johto Pokémon that you can encounter in Pokémon Go, giving you the chance to fill out your PokéDex or earn more Candy for a specific Pokémon you’ve been looking to add to your collection. The event will occur from February 26 at 9 AM to 9 PM in your local time zone, and select regions will celebrate the occasion with in-person meetups.

While the Pokémon Go Tour: Johto event requires players to buy the Gold or Silver version ticket to receive the most significant rewards, all players can still participate. Johto Pokémon will be appearing all over the world at increased spawn rats. There will be a Special Research line with an exclusive Masterwork Research story. Unown will appear with their shiny version, twice as much Candy for hatching eggs, extra Candy when catching Johto Pokémon, an in-game medal, and much more.

If you purchase the Gold or Silver version ticket before January 10, 2022, you’ll access the Timed Research. If you wait until February 10, 2022, you will only receive the February Timed Research.

The event kicks off on February 27, 2022, for all players.