Latest Pokémon Go update adds Lucky Pokémon, Friend list improvements

Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go‘s latest update is live on Android and iOS, and with it came awesome new quality-of-life changes to the game, including desired features to improve the recently implemented Friends List. This update also adds the chance for traded Pokémon to become “Lucky Pokémon,” halving the Stardust cost required for Powering Up. Here’s everything you need to know about today’s update.

What are Lucky Pokémon and how are they obtained 

When trading Pokémon with a Friend, both Pokémon have a chance to become Lucky upon trade completion. Lucky Pokémon feature a special background when viewed, though the Pokémon itself features no cosmetic changes, unlike Shiny Pokémon, nor will it have increased or improved stats beyond any regular trading alterations.

Once a Pokémon becomes Lucky, it will receive a 50% reduction to the Stardust cost for Powering Up, which will make it substantially easier to level up. For added collector’s joy, the number of Lucky Pokémon you’ve received is now shown on that Pokémon’s Pokedex entry.

While this is certainly a nice benefit to trading, it’s still generally not worth trading high IV / CP Pokémon at lower Friendship Levels. The fact is that trading still has a chance to negatively affect their stats. It’s also worth remembering that each Pokémon can be traded only once, so there will be no trading Pokémon back and forth in an attempt to get Lucky status.

New Friends List organization features

Some much desired Friend List features have been added with this update. You’re now able to set custom nicknames for Trainers, in case you can’t keep track of the ridiculous Trainer Names we’ve had to settle on. You can also sort your Friends List by (Trainer) Name, Nickname, Friendship Level, or Gift, the latter of which presumably moves Friends who you have not yet gifted to the top of the list, making it easier than ever to Gift and raise Friendship with Trainers.

New changes to Gifts and Gifting

Speaking of Gifting, a few changes have been made to Pokémon Go‘s Gifting system, as well. Trainers will now receive XP for sending Gifts to Friends. Gifts also now have a chance to contain Stardust, but no reports yet on how common such a reward will be. Finally, you can now delete unsent Gifts, which there isn’t really any major reason to want to do, as Gifts do not count against your total backpack capacity. Instead, consider sending more Gifts. Share the love!