Zangoose and Seviper are starting to appear in other regions in Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO Update July 2016

Seviper and Zangoose were two of many third generation Pokémon added to Pokémon Go a few weeks ago.

These Pokémon, however, were region exclusive at the time of launch with Zangoose only available in the Americas and Africa and Seviper only appearing in parts of Europe and the Oceania region.

Last night, however, players slowly starting to discover these Pokémon in different regions, paving the way for these two region-exclusive Pokémon to migrate to other places around the world.

Currently, Seviper and Zangoose has swapped locations with Zangoose and is now found in Europe and Oceania, while Seviper has headed over to the Americas and Africa.

Seviper and Zangoose are the only two Pokémon to change locations at the moment. Other region-exclusive Pokémon like Minun and Plusle are still in their original locations.

Niantic has currently made no official announcement on the subject, so no one is quite sure if this the region change is planned or if it’s a bug.

It’s not clear how long this will last, but players should use the chance to get these region-exclusive Pokémon fast.