Pokémon Sword and Shield Characters Featured In Google Pixel 4 Ad

Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny are making their official debut in Nintendo’s upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games. However, before it releases, they’re making an appearance for another platform beforehand – Google’s new Pixel 4 phone.

It was confirmed through Eurogamer today that a new app for the device would feature the Pokémon characters taking center stage. It’s called Pokémon Wave Hello, and it features a level of interactivity that owners are sure to enjoy.

It’s a demo put together in conjunction with The Pokémon Company to show new owners of their phone the ropes of air gestures for the smartphone. You begin with a simple swipe of your fingers on the screen and get introduced to each portion.

It begins with making Scorbunny jump by swiping fingers upward in front of the phone. Then you treat Sobble with some water by using gestures to splash water on them. After that, you interact with Grookey to make grass grow, with the help of his special stick. Oh, and you can pet Eevee, who also makes an appearance in the app. The picture below provides some details on how deep the interactivity goes.

Pokemon app

The demo isn’t downloadable through the Google Play Store. Instead, it looks like it’s getting offered from retailers. But we can imagine a few Pokémon fans who would be happy to have an app like this. Who wouldn’t want to pet Eevee? A video of the app is right here.

The characters will be in fully playable form when Pokémon Sword and Shield debut for Nintendo Switch next month.