Pokémon Go’s spring event celebrates Easter with a shiny Bunnelby and Mega Lopunny

Spring has arrived.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go’s Season of Legends continues with more events happening each week. Currently, Therian Forme Tornadus has entered five-star raids for players to try and capture, and next week, the game has its yearly Easter celebration. Players will have the chance to capture a shiny Bunnelby, and Mega Lopunny is making its debut.

There will also be an Easter Collection Challenge starting from April 4 going until April 8. Players will have a limited time to finish the challenge by capturing all of the available Pokémon.

Mega Lopunny is making their debut in Mega Raids. Players will need first to battle this Pokémon to earn Lopunny Mega energy and eventually evolve it. We’ll be discussing how good this Pokémon is for raiding a day or two before it releases.

The Pokémon Go Easter event will push the importance of eggs, giving players increased rewards for hatching them, and using a lucky egg. Chansey, the iconic Pokémon holding an egg, and its evolved form will be spawning with a flower crown in the wild. It will be available to all players, and there’s an increased chance of encountering a shiny version.

Pokémon Go’s Spring event will be happening from April 4 until April 8.