Pokemon Home Only Transfers Pokemon to Sword and Shield if They Show Up in the Galar Pokedex | E3 2019


During Nintendo’s E3 Conference, we saw some new information about their upcoming Pokemon game, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. There wasn’t too much during the conference showing. However, following the 40-minute video the team went a little deeper about the game as they showed off more gameplay.

We also learned that players are going to have limitations on how they transfer Pokemon from their Pokemon Home service to Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Home serves as a player’s bank where they can store all of their Pokemon from different games. It’s a cloud-based service that works from the Nintendo Switch. If there’s a particular Pokemon from a game a player wants to bring over to a different Pokemon game, they can store it on the Pokemon home application and then transfer it over.

Nintendo revealed that players could use this service in Sword and Shield. However, there’s a catch. Players are only able to bring over Pokemon to these games if the creature shows up in the Galar Pokedex. If they don’t, a player cannot transfer over that Pokemon.

It’s a little disheartening, but it does make sense. Some of the creatures from other games may not show up in the Galar region, and it could break the game if a player brought them over because there’s no code for the creature in the game.

Hopefully, we get a glimpse at the Galar Pokedex soon, so players can find out which Pokemon they’re going to bring over when they jump into the game. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release for the Nintendo Switch later this year on November 15.