Pokémon Home Update for Scarlet & Violet Could Launch Soon

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet fans have been waiting for the Home update, and it looks like the update could launch sooner than expected.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Home update for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been talked about since the game was released in November 2022. Players have been eagerly awaiting news of when this update would drop and when they could start bringing over their favorite Pokémon to join them in the Paldea region, with the Pokémon team only sharing that it would release sometime in Spring 2023.

With Spring 2023 nearly over, Scarlet & Violet fans are starting to get a little anxious as they await the update. Thankfully, a minor update from a series of potential leaks could hint at the Pokémon Home update launch happening pretty soon.

Scarlet & Violet Fans Eagerly Await Pokémon Home Update To Share Paldea Adventures

The Centro Leaks Twitter account shared the information. This is an account that is notorious for sharing Pokémon-related leaks throughout the past few years. Some of these are based on rumors in the community, others on data shared in previous data mining efforts. Supposedly, based on their tweet, the Pokémon Home update for Scarlet & Violet is ready to go, giving players the opportunity to transfer Pokémon from previous generations into the main game.

The team behind the account has shared it as a rumor, and we can only take the information they share with a grain of salt. However, as the Pokémon team has not posted any update sharing that there will be a planned delay or they need more time to work on hooking up Scarlet & Violet with Home, the fact the update could be happening soon seems highly likely.

Similar to previous Pokémon Home updates, we do know that the Pokémon that players catch from Scarlet & Violet that have appeared in the previous games can also appear in others. However, a Pokémon exclusively found in the Paldea region, such as Lechonk or Tarountula, cannot appear in previous games. This was the case for other Pokémon games in the series connected with Pokémon Home, and that’s to be expected.

Although the Centro Leaks account has shared that the Pokémon Home update is ready, no exact date for this update has been shared. We estimate that it will likely happen close to the end of May 2023 or sometime within the first week or two of June 2023.

We don’t have any specifics yet, but as Spring 2023 draws to a close and we inch closer to the summer, the Pokémon development team is waiting for the perfect time to drop the update. The team might also be waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to come out before they announce the official update.