Pokémon Masters announces release date for Leon and Marnie sync pairs

With enough Twitter activity, you can earn some rewards to celebrate the pair’s arrival.

pokemon masters

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Leon and Marnie as a sync pair in Pokémon Masters, your patience is about to pay off. Several release dates were announced for trainers coming to the mobile game from the Galar region today, and Leon and Charizard will be leading the pack.

Leon and Charizard will be available in-game from February 25 until March 17. Marnie and Morpeko will also arrive on the same day, and the pair of Gloria and Zacian will come to the game one week later on March 3. The game will feature Piers and Obstagoon in the Spotlight Scout, giving you an increased chance to add them to your collection.

The official Pokemon Masters EX Twitter account is celebrating the arrival of Leon and Marnie, specifically, with a special RT event. With 10,000 Retweets, players will earn a set of 30 5-Star-Guaranteed Scout Tickets. An additional 5,000 RT’s will reward players with 10 more tickets, and if the account manages to hit 30,000, everyone will receive 3,000 gems. The Rally event will conclude on March 2.

Leon and Charizard should be a nice boost to anyone’s team, as their passive skills grants a strength and defense bonus to everyone on your active battle roster.