Walmart Offering a Discounted Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle With Pokémon


If you’ve been holding out for a Nintendo Switch Lite bundle that includes both a system and a copy of Pokémon Sword or Shield, Walmart has just what you need.

The company has posted a new deal on its website, enabling consumers to create their own Switch Lite bundle. It ranges in price between $238.99 and $248.99, depending on which options you go with. (That total doesn’t include shipping, handling or taxes.) With it, customers get to pick their own system and game, along with a bonus Ematic Switch Lite case and screen protector.

First, choose the Nintendo Switch Lite system you want. (Note: this doesn’t include the older Nintendo Switch models.) You can choose between turquoise, grey, yellow and even the limited edition Pokémon system, which is available. Keep in mind that if you go with that one instead of the regular colors, the bundle is $10 more. Select what you want and continue.

Next, choose the Pokémon game you want, either Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Once you’ve made your choice (flip a coin if you’re unsure), add it to your bundle.

The Ematic Switch Lite case and screen protector will be included by default. Continue onward once you get to this screen.

Finally, proceed to checkout. The items are available for pick-up, but it’s often quicker to go with delivery. Walmart does offer two-day service, so you could have it by week’s end if you hurry.

This saves you about $20 to $30 buying everything separately, and you get a free Switch Lite case and screen protector as well. It’s a good deal, but it’s likely only available for a limited time. Head over to this link to secure yours.

Prefer a different bundle that doesn’t involve Pokémon? Not to worry. We have a guide that breaks down what all is available this holiday season, whether you prefer Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party or another game.