Potential new Pokémon distribution event at GameStop leaked


GameStop pretty reliably hosts several Pokémon giveaways over the year, either in the form of code distribution via special cards or via Mystery Gift, activated in-store.

It’s been a while since the previous distribution event, but now it looks like another one is on the way, according to a GameStop employee who posted a photo of new giveaway codes to Reddit. 

An anonymous employee posted a photo of a stack of giveaway cards that show both Dialga and Palkia, the legendary Pokémon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The cards state that the codes can bring the monsters into Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon as well as Pokémon Sun and Moon, and they look just like the other giveaway cards that we’ve seen before. They also say that you can unlock “one” of the Pokémon using the code on the back of the card, so you’re not going to get both. 

Of course, anyone can use Photoshop and anyone can make a fake giveaway card. These, however, do look pretty real. If it’s legitimate, the event is supposed to begin Feb. 2 and end on Feb. 28, which coincides with the upcoming Ultra Prism expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game

You can already pick up both Dialga and Palkia from Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon right now via the Ultra Wormholes, however. You need both to unlock the legendary Pokémon Giratina. It’s likely that this is a way to help trainers complete the trio of Pokémon since most players only have one of the Creation Trio, as the three Pokémon are called. 

There will likely be additional details coming out from GameStop about the event soon if it does end up that this promotion is real. But can’t we just sit back and be surprised instead of leaking things onto the internet anymore?