Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Announce Fairy-type Delphox as Next Tera Raid Event

Delphox arrives to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Tera Raids, and it will be featured as Fairy Type when it appears for a limited time.

Image via the Pokemon Company

The next major Tera Raid event has been announced by The Pokemon Company for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This time around, players have the opportunity to face off against a Fairy-type of Delphox, originally a Fire-type Pokemon and the final form for Fennekin.

The seven-star raids featuring Delphox will only be offered for a limited time, and those wanting to participate in the event will need to prepare their team and meet up with their friends on the appropriate dates. The Delphox raids won’t last long in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but they’re likely going to be better received than the previous Gimmighoul Tera Raids.

Delphox Debuts in Scarlet & Violet in Tera Raids

The announcement was made over the weekend, with the official dates shared shortly after. Delphox will appear in the seven-star Tera Raids for Scarlet & Violet from July 7, 2023, to July 9, 2023, and then from July 14, 2023, to July 16, 2023. Like the previous Tera Raid events in Scarlet & Violet, Delphox will appear for two weekends before disappearing.

With Delphox being a Fairy-type for the Tera Raid, players will need to create a proper team to take it down. Already, some players might be looking ahead to what Pokemon they should be using in these raids.

Some early favorites will likely be other Fire-types that use a Poison Tera Type as their main choice. It’s a great way to counter Delphox being a Fairy type in Scarlet & Violet and preparing to take on any Fire-type moves it might be able to use in Scarlet & Violet.

It will all come down to the type of attacks Delphox can use, which we won’t be able to learn until the event goes live at the end of the week. Until then, we highly recommend any players prepare to change their teams to give them Poison Tera Type in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and utilize these options for the upcoming raid.

For those are looking for a shiny version of Delphox, it will not appear in these Tera Raids for Scarlet & Violet. Instead, the way you go about that is by having a Ditto mate with Delphox and farm out eggs until you receive a shiny version of its first form, Fennekin. Unlike Gimmighoul, there won’t be a shiny version of Delphox appearing in these raids.