Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Theory Suggests Kieran’s Villain Arc Isn’t Our Fault After All

Fans are looking to a new theory to explain why this character from Teal Mask in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet took a villainous turn

Kieran Rival Pokemon Scarlet Violet Indigo Disk

Image via The Pokemon Company

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In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Mask DLC, players wind up hurting an NPC so badly that he takes a turn toward the villainous. However, one fan theory suggests that it may not be entirely our fault that this sweet kid goes bad.

With the ending of Teal Mask, players assume that shy Kieran is entering his villain era. While this certainly seems to be the case, some fans think there’s more to Kieran’s new outlook than simply feeling betrayed by the player and his sister. This theory hinges largely on Kieran’s bizarre new hairdo, and frankly, it’s pretty convincing.

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Kieran’s Turn for the Dark Side Might Be A Pokemon’s Fault, Not Mine

Fans on Reddit have been theorizing about Kieran’s new look and what it might mean for his villain arc, and Redditor Phinome sums up the evidence nicely.

Dokutaru Kieran Fan Theory Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Image via Phinome on Reddit

A close look at Kieran’s final scene, plus images from the Indigo Disk trailer, reveals an interesting possibility for the character’s new, more aggressive attitude.

Here’s the theory: Kieran is possessed by the Pokemon Dokutaro, a new mythic Pokemon arriving with the second wave of DLC. This theory suggests that while Carmine and the players certainly hurt Kieran’s feelings, it’s not really our fault he decided to become a bully himself. This initially sounds a little bit wild, but looking at the evidence fans have compiled, it starts to seem plausible.

Exhibit A: Kieran’s new hairdo, which is pretty outrageous even by Pokemon NPC standards. The hair, which some say resembles a red onion, actually looks not unlike the Pokemon Dokutaru, both in shape and color. Perhaps his dramatic shift in style isn’t just because he’s bad to the bone but because the Pokemon controlling him is trying to look a little more like its former self.

Exhibit B: an object eagle-eyed fans spotted in Kieran’s room, which seems to be a plushie of some kind. It also looks suspiciously like Dokutaru, lying facedown. Is this a hint at what’s to come in the Indigo Mask DLC? Some fans think so, and frankly, it’s a convincing theory.

We won’t have to wait too long to learn whether this theory holds any weight since the DLC comes out in less than a day. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye for clues that support or refute this interesting villain origin story while playing my way through the Indigo Disk. It won’t fully make up for the way Teal Mask made us treat Kieran, but it would certainly make things a bit more interesting.