Pokemon Shield and Sword Starters


Nintendo unveiled their next much anticipated Pokemon game, and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. You can read the full details of Nintendo’s Pokemon reveal here, but we’re going to focus on the three starter Pokemon trainers get to pick to start their new journey in the Galar region.

The first one is the fire-type Pokemon, Scorbunny. This rambunctious little bunny is eager to join up with any trainer, showing off its exceptional jumping skills in the Pokemon direct trailer. While we do not have many details about its later evolutions, given the way it moves, kicks, and thrashes, we can assume it’ll evolve into a fire-fighting type Pokemon, similar to the previous iterations.


The next Pokemon revealed in the trailer was Sobble, the more timid, anxious water-type Pokemon. When Scorbunny burns the grass underneath its feet, Sobble doses the flames from the safety of its fountain, and many don’t know its there. It starts out having cloaked itself, leaving a great mystery about its later evolutions. Because it can provide stealth for itself, will it become a Ghost-type Pokemon or a Psychic-type? There’s plenty of mystery revolving around this starter, and we’re excited to find out!


The final Pokemon in the starter lineup is Grookey, the grass-type that looks like it would instead fly through trees all-day. We first see Grookey in the trailer when it’s banging a stick against an out of place rock, potentially hinting to its later evolution making it as a ground or rock type. Much like any of other choices in this lineup, the options are entirely open until Nintendo tells us more.


For now, we’re left speculating what these three will later turn into and what other adventures await trainers as they enter the Galar region for the first time. Stay tuned as we learn more.