Pokemon Sword and Shield Is Going to have Camps Where You Can Visit With Your Pokemon


During today’s Nintendo Switch, we learned more details regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield. A great new feature to show how open-world the game is going to be is the ability to create camps.

When you’re in camp, you’re going to get the opportunity to rest and relax with your Pokemon. While you’re visiting with them, you can play, interact, and watch your Pokemon get to know each other.

When they’re getting to know each other, they are going to grow stronger in combat. As of right now, we do not have exact details about what this means. It could be the Pokemon are going to get a buff in combat, or they’re going to gain experience points faster.

While we don’t know the additional features the camps are going to feature, we do if you set up a camp in the multiplayer section of the game you can hang out with other trainers. You can meet their Pokemon and even share a meal, making your Pokemon even stronger.

When you’re cooking with other trainers, up to four of you can work together on the meals to make them even stronger. This method is going to make it better for the Pokemon in general, and it’s an excellent way for the open-world aesthetic to shine.

Pokemon Sword and Sheild release on Nov. 15 for the Nintendo Switch. You still have time to pre-order the game, right now.