Four-player Cooking is Coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield


Pokemon Sword and Shield will have even more open-world mechanics with the introduction of cooking. Players are going to get the opportunity to cook for their Pokemon while they rest in a camp.

While players are resting in their camp, they can get the opportunity to play with them and show them affection. A Pokemon’s affection levels may affect how they perform in combat, making the relaxation activity an important one.

The camp also features a massive pot in the middle of it where players can become their group’s head chef to cook a lovely curry meal. There are over 100 curry recipes in the game that players can discover, each with a different effect. Not every Pokemon is going to appreciate the same meal, meaning players need to figure out which ones work with every Pokemon.

Additionally, when visiting other trainers in the open area, players can visit another trainer’s camp to check out their Pokemon. It’s an excellent way for two players to relax with each other and hang out. We didn’t learn too many details about the new feature, but it’s an open-world aspect brand new to the franchise.

We’re looking forward to making our favorite curry meals in Pokemon Sword and Shield when it releases on Nov. 15 for the Nintendo Switch.