A Playable Pokemon Sword and Shield Demo Is Coming to the Pokemon TCG North American International Championships


For those attending the Pokemon TCG North American International Championships next week in Columbus, you’re in for a unique treat. Nintendo is going to bring a playable Pokemon Sword and Shield demo for attendees to play while they’re there.

The information came from Serebii.net’s Twitter account earlier this morning.

There’s a brief update on the Pokemon website where they detail this information, and you check it out here. To play the demo yourself, you need to be a badged spectator or competitor at the event to try it out. The piece on the website says:

The upcoming RPGs Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are the talk of the Pokémon world, and you can try them out yourself if you attend the 2019 North America International Championships in Columbus, Ohio. Badged spectators or competitors can be among the first to try out the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch titles by heading to the demo area near the middle of the hall during event hours.

It’s likely going to be the same demo Nintendo brought to E3 this year. No further details about the demo came up, but you can expect to wait in a long line to get your chance to try out the game for yourself.

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce plenty of new mechanics to the franchise, like the new Dynamax function where Pokemon grow to extraordinary size and have enhanced powers. The game features a brand new region called Galar, with an array of new Pokemon to meet, such as the ever famous Wooloo, Yamper, Impidimp, and so many more.

You can get your hands on Pokemon Sword and Shield later this year on November 15 for the Nintendo switch. You can pre-order the game from the Pokemon website.