Pokemon Sword And Shield Card Designer Reportedly Leaks Starter Evolutions and New Pokemon (Update: Confirmed Fake)


As we get closer to Pokémon Sword and Shield’s release date, more and more “leaks” have been showing up all across the internet. These so-called leaks are mostly found on websites like 4chan, and they are almost always fake. Sometimes, though, there could be a kernel of truth in some leaks. For instance, Sword and Shield already had one massive leak that has been proven to be entirely right so far. However, every other leak is most likely fake, and no one should ever take them too seriously, even if they seem plausible or well-thought-out.

What makes this most recent leak interesting, though, is that the leaker was able to provide some tangible proof. On 4chan, a leaker claiming to be a card designer says he has seen the designs for some of the new Pokémon for the games, and he even showed off several of his drawings for never-before-seen Pokémon, including their evolutions.

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A Twitter user that goes by @LeaksPokemon has compiled all the drawings on his Twitter feed, including screenshots of several of the leaker’s responses on 4chan. Noticeable highlights from the leaker’s drawings include a third-stage evolution for Wooloo, a diamond ring Pokémon, a pair of robotic looking Pokémon with screws coming out of them, and a giant sandworm Pokémon that looks like the worms from Dune.

Even though these drawings are making the rounds online, they aren’t that convincing to us. Anyone can say they are anyone online, and this “card designer” provided no real proof that they are what they say they are. The drawings also come off as amateurish; even if they are supposed to be sketches, they are not convincing enough to fit in with the normal Pokémon aesthetic. Some of the drawings are interesting, like the new robots and the steam-train Pokémon, but the sketches aren’t good enough to be convincing.

Also, the logic doesn’t add up. If the leaker is genuinely a card designer, then it would be obvious what company they work for and what position they hold. No logical person one would risk his job like that.

Of course, we won’t know if any of these leaks are real or fake until more information about Sword and Shield gets revealed by official sources like Nintendo. Game Freak has been very secretive towards Sword and Shield, and despite the game being less a month away from released, fans know considerably little about the game. We’ve seen relatively few Pokémon, and most of the story is still unknown. These mysteries have led to more and more fake leakers showing up all over the internet, attempting to draw in the desperate Pokémon fans who are craving any news on the games.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are slated to release on Nov. 15.


The Pokémon Sword/Shield Leaks Twitter account has continued documenting the 4chan forum where the “leak” was revealed. The so-called card designer eventually came out as being a fake, claiming he did it for entertainment and “to make leak season more fun for everyone.” Personally, we do find it odd that these leaks found any traction online. The drawings never seemed authentic enough to match the typical Pokémon aesthetic, but the drawing leaks spread like wildfire. Maybe it is because it included new ideas and designs that fans really wanted to see, or maybe it is because there is so little information on Sword and Shield that people are desperate to believe anything. Either way, these leaks are now 100 percent confirmed fake.