Pokemon Sword And Shield: Dynamaxing Is A Projection


In a recent interview by Game Informer, it may have been possibly revealed that Dynamaxing in Pokémon Sword and Shield may be projections.

Earlier today, Game Informer released a video interview with Pokémon Sword and Shield’s director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda. The video is very lighthearted and a little tongue-in-cheek. Ben Hanson from Game Informer would ask a series of silly questions, which include asking personal questions like which Pokémon they would get rid of and if they are sports fans.

There wasn’t much of an interview in terms of new information. Ohmori and Masuda would either reiterate things that have already been revealed or say no comment. Despite that, the interview is a fun watch. You get more insight of Ohmori and Masuda as game developers, and everyone in the video seemed like they were having a good time. They would occasionally laugh at Hanson’s questions, and they will even laugh at some Ohmori’s and Masuda’s answers.

While the interview didn’t contain plenty of new information, there was one thing that Ohmori and Masuda revealed that wasn’t in the previous trailers for Sword and Shield. Joe Merrick pointed this out on his Twitter; according to Ohmori and Masuda, Dynamaxing are projections.

Dynamaxing, along with Gigantamax, are a new gameplay mechanic that will be introduced in Sword and Shield. They allow Pokémon to grow giant during battle. In the Game Informer interview, Ohmori and Masuda talk about how Dynamaxing works. Hanson asks if Pokémon physically become huge while Dynamaxing, or if it is just a projection. Ohmori says that Dynamaxing is a visual projection, and they are inside that projection.

This explanation has caused some confusion from fans on the internet. How can a projection cause harm if it is just a projection? It is possible the way the question was asked and how the subtitles chose to translate Ohmori’s response may have confused things, but Dynamaxing being projections may not be the most accurate description of what they are.

If they are projections, they are probably psychical projections, similar to how personas work in the Persona series. In the Persona franchise, the protagonist can call in their personas to fight with them in battle. Dynamaxing maybe when Pokémon summons a giant version of themselves, which is similar to a projection. They enter the giant version of themselves like a pilot enter a giant robot, and becomes one with the projection.

This speculation on my part though; until more clarification is revealed, all we know now is that Ohmori considers Dynamax a projection.