Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass to Add Two DLC Adventures, 200 More Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

The Pokemon Sword and Shield adventures will continue. But rather than putting work into sequels (or “Ultras”) to the games, Nintendo and Game Freak have opted to simply add on to the original adventures.

During today’s Pokemon Direct special, the companies revealed that an expansion pass is in the works for the games. They provided a glimpse at what’s to come with the pass, including new characters, key locations, and 200 additional Pokemon, including a few familiar faces. that will be introduced. You’ll also be able to try out new customization options.

The new footage introduced us to two new locales, with the first known as the Isle of Armor. It consists of caves, bogs, beaches and dunes. Though no new game footage was revealed, there were a lot of snapshots indicating some of the strange, beautiful new Pokemon that will be introduced over the course of the adventure.

From there, the terrain switched from sunny to snowy, with the introduction of part two of The Crown Tundra.

We’ll have a trailer that features these glimpses as soon as Nintendo puts it up. The Isle of Armor expansion will be ready to go in June, while the Crown Tundra DLC will follow sometime in fall 2020. “Each part offers a different adventure,” the team said.

The passes are sold separately, one for Sword and one for Shield, each with different adventures and exclusive Pokemon creatures. So, whichever game you own, you’ll be able to experience something unique. You’ll also be able to transfer data to other players, even if they don’t own them.

The passes will be available for pre-purchase later today on the Nintendo eShop, going for $29.99.