Pokemon Sword And Shield Will Feature Hidden Abilities For Some Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield has just gotten a new feature trailer that has revealed some exciting new mechanics, items, and features that are coming to the game. With the release of the game just around the corner, I would expect to see more of these trailers to keep the hype levels high in the run-up to release. One of these new features is Hidden Abilities, a new facet of Pokemon training that you will need to get to grips with to find success and become the greatest trainer of them all.

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Hidden Abilities are new abilities that your Pokemon can learn, and will be different from your normal abilities. In the video above we get a glimpse of Corviknight’s Hidden Ability, called Mirror Armor. Mirror Armor will reflect any stat change attacks back onto the Pokemon that cast them.

Hidden Abilities can only be learned by Pokemon that are caught during Max Raid Battles, and such Pokemon cannot be found through breeding or other encounters. As such, Pokemon with Hidden Abilities are going to be quite rare, and it looks like they will be used as a means to encourage people to grind Max Raid Battles, team up with friends, and try to get as many victories as they can. Getting a Pokemon with a Hidden Ability won’t be guaranteed, but if you want to get Pokemon that have them, and can Gigantamax, you will need to spend some time grinding Max Raid Battles to do so.