More Pokémon Sword & Shield information due July 21st on TV in Japan


We are getting ever closer to that magical November date for the next installment of Nintendo’s Pocket Monsters franchise, and Serebii has confirmed that the next slice of information is due on July 21st of this month, rather unusually on Japanese TV.

The information will be broadcast on Japanese Variety show Pokénchi, which is hosted on TV Tokyo on Sunday Mornings and is dedicated to Pokémon news, views and experiences with the franchise amongst livelong fans. While the information on the new games is expected to be broadcast, it’s not clear whether the new information is going to be new or only discussions about already announced content, though the fact that it’s being advertised would imply that some further information will become available.

The majority of the main details about the game have already been revealed, such as raiding parties with friends to capture powerful Pokémon, Dynamax, and Gigamax of Pokémon and the new mechanics with regards to catching Pokémon in the wild. There has also been plenty of information about the Galar region, though we have yet to see all of the game’s cities, gym leaders and personalities that we can expect. With the nature of the show that it’s being broadcast on, new characters and locations for the Galar region would make sense.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 15th.