New Pokemon Sword And Shield Leaks Reveal Eternatus, New Fossil Pokemon, And New Dragons


Pokémon Sword and Shield are the upcoming eighth generation of Pokémon games. While several major details have been revealed for the two games, like the starters and several new Pokémon, much of the games are still surrounded by mystery. Game Freak has revealed very little of the game, and fans have been clamoring for any new information.

With only two weeks left to go until the games are officially released, a major leak broke. At first, it only seemed as if the final evolutions for some of the starters have leaked. Yet as the weekend continued, it turned out it was just the beginning. Soon more leaks began appearing, and they look legit. The leaks supposedly come from photos taken of the game, which shows actual 3D models for new Pokémon, and a guidebook that has yet to release.

Warning – New Pokemon Leaks Incoming

We gathered as many of the new leaks concerning the new Pokémon in Sword and Shield, which includes all starter evolutions revealed today, as well as the new Legendary called Eternetus. If you don’t want to read anything about the new Pokémon games, we advise you to not scroll any further down. Also, we want to give a thanks to Centro Pokémon LEAKS on Twitter for tweeting all the leaks. If you don’t mind being spoiled by leaks, check his account here.

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The first major leak of the day was clearer images of Scorbunny’s evolutions, Raboot and Cinderace. Scorbunny’s evolution is based on professional sports players, most likely soccer players.

We then got the Galarian form of Corsola, the coral Pokémon. It becomes a ghost-type Pokémon and evolves into a new Pokémon called Cursola.

The pre-evolved form of Alcremie, the cream Pokémon, was also revealed; the pre-evolved form is called Milcery, and it is a fairy-type.

The pre-evolved form of Dreadnaw, the snapping turtle, was revealed. It is a big-headed turtle called Chewtle.

Two new Fox Pokémon were leaked earlier this weekend, and today we got their types and names. They are pure Dark-type and are called Nickit and Thievul, respectively.

A new form of Zacian, the box Legendary for Pokémon Sword, was revealed, showing it without its sword.

A fire centipede Pokémon called Centiskorch was revealed earlier through the leaked guidebook, but today we got the pre-evolved form of the Centiskorch. The pre-evolved form of Centiskorch is called Sizzlipede.

The name Eternatus has been leaked for a while; through that initial leak, players knew Eternatus was the third Legendary besides Zacian and Zamazenta. We finally got a leaked image of Eternatus, showing it to be a skeleton-like creature. It looks kind of terrifying, honestly.

Another form of Eternatus was also leaked.

Next, Pokémon leaked was the fossil Pokémon. The fossils work differently than the previous generation; players can combine two pieces of different fossils, and create a new Pokémon from those two different fossils. There are four different fossils, two being top pieces and two being bottom pieces. Four different Pokémon combinations can be made. The four new fossil Pokémon are called Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, and Arctovish.

Stonjourner is a new Pokémon that looks like a piece of Stonehenge.

Mr. Mime gets a Galarian form and a new evolution. Galarian Mr. Mime is now primarily blue, and its body looks more like a suit with a tie. Mr. Rime is its new evolved form, and it has a top hat and a cane.

A new evolution chain was then leaked. Hattena evolves into Hattrem, who then evolves into Hatterene. They are all psychic-types, with Hatterene also being a part fairy. They are seemingly based on witches and maidens.

Galarian form Darumaka ad Darmanitan become ice-type.

Cufant, a new elephant Pokemon, was also leaked. Cufant evolves into Copperjah.

A dragon evolution chain was also showed off, revealing Dreepy, Drakloak, and Dragapult. They are the Pseudo-legendary Pokémon, a fan term to describe the most powerful non-legendary evolution chain in a game, for Sword and Shield. Dreepy, Drakloak, and Dragapult are dragon and ghost-type. Drakloak and Dargapult can launch Dreepy from their heads like a missile.

Sinistea is the pre-evolved form of Polteageist, a previously revealed ghost Pokémon that takes the appearance of a teapot. Sinistea takes the appearance of a single teacup.

Another new Pokémon leaked is Indeedee, which is a Pokémon that has no evolution, and we currently don’t know their type.

Applin and Flapple are new Pokémon that appear to be lizards hiding in an apple. The design of Applin is mostly just an apple, with large cartoonish eyes. Flapple is a lizard that is using the skin of an apple as wings. They are grass and dragon-types.

There was a new Pokémon leaked over the weekend that looked like a purple monster with a lighting bolt on its head. We later discovered its name is Toxel, and it is a poison and electric-type Pokémon. Today, Toxel’s evolved form was leaked.

Finally, the last Pokémon leaked in the afternoon was Falinks. It looks like a caterpillar Pokémon, with its different body parts looking like shields.

We should mention that all leaks, no matter how convincing, should be taken with a small hint of skepticism. With that said, these leaks appear too convincing to be fake, though you can never know these days.