New Pokémon Sword and Shield Leaks Grookey and Sobble Evolutions


Starter evolutions for Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Grookey and Sobble have reportedly been leaked ahead of their release.

The images, which first surfaced on 4chan before spreading on Twitter, appear to be Grookey and Sobble’s second stage evolutions. Granted, the colors of both of them seem a bit off so we expect them to be shiny variants of the duo at this point in time.

If that weren’t enough, two more Pokémon have also apparently been leaked ahead of the game’s release: what appear to be a Galarian Meowth and a red fox-like Pokémon.

It’s possible that these are fake, following the confirmed false leaks of the starter evolutions and other new Pokémon in the past week. However, the images themselves appear to be pictures taken directly of a Nintendo Switch screen with an external camera, lending credibility to the source.

It’s always good to take any leaks with a pinch of salt until we hear official confirmation from The Pokémon Company or Nintendo.

Pokémon Sword and Shield launch on Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15.