Pokemon Sword and Shield Items and Features Revealed In New Video


We’re officially less than 10 days from the launch of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for Nintendo Switch. With that, a new detailed video has appeared on the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel, highlighting some new items and previously unseen features for the game.

First off, there’s a breakdown of improved techniques when it comes to Pokemon training. Mints are now capable of changing the effects of your creature’s nature, with a number to choose from. These include Modest Mint, Lonely Mint, Hasty Mint, and several others. You can choose which character to give them to, then watch how this changes their battle statistics.

Players can also use a number of supplements to max out a Pokemon character’s base points. These include Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and several others. And it’s not just limited to one bottle of supplement, either. You can give them multiple items and watch them increase instantly in a number of areas.

Candies are also available, allowing you to level up your Pokemon characters. They range from XS to XL, though Rare pieces of candy are also available. You can see them take effect right away as your Pokemon level up in real time.

There’s also a new option some fan are sure to love revolving around the Day Care Center. Pokemon will now be able to pass along Egg moves to each other. Simply pay a visit to one and you’ll see the option available.

Pokemon Boxes will also be accessible from almost anywhere in the game. Just go to the menu, hit the right shoulder button, and make your moves. No more having to wait to go to specific areas.

Check out the video below to see these new features in action. It certainly helps Pokemon grow in a number of ways.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Sword release on Nov. 15 for Nintendo Switch.