A “Glitch” On The Pokemon Website Reveals New Pokemon For Sword And Shield


A “glitch” on the official Pokémon website reveals a brand new Pokémon, yet the appearance of this new Pokémon is blurred out.

Serebii reported that there’s a “glitching” page on the official Pokémon website. To find this page, you will need to go to the Pokémon Sword and Shield section of the website, and If you explore this page, a blurred image may pop out which shows off the new Pokémon. Clicking on it will send you to this webpage.

The webpage is a profile on this new Pokémon, yet most of it is blurred out, including the actual image of the Pokémon. We can’t see what this new Pokémon looks like (though personally it kind of looks like a green Cubone).

Some of the text on the page is still readable, giving readers some information on this new Pokémon. This new Pokémon is a pure fighting-type, weighs 257.9 lbs., and has the steadfast ability. Steadfast raises a Pokémon’s speed every time they flinch during battle.

There’s also a brief description of the Pokémon below the image; however, certain keywords are blurred out, making it difficult to understand what the description reads properly. Currently, the description reads like this: “Only —– that have survived many battles can attain this —–. When this Pokémon’s —– —–ers, it will retire from combat.”

Though this new Pokémon is shrouded with mystery, the “glitch” nature of it is very reminiscent to MissingNo. from Pokémon Red and Blue. MissingNo is a real glitch from the original games; it has multiple forms, yet mostly appears as a series of pixels stack onto each other. MissingNo can be encounter and caught like any other normal Pokémon in the game, even though the games don’t recognize it as existing.

Is this new Pokémon a sly reference towards this fabled glitch, and is there a connection? Or is any connection just coincidental, and we are just over-analyzing this?

Image Header Source: Kroma on Twitter