New Pokémon Sword & Shield Information will be at the World Hobby Fair this month


After showcasing a lot of gameplay and making a few smaller announcements during E3 2019, Pokémon Sword & Shield could be releasing more new information before the end of the month at World Hobby Fair in Tokyo, Japan.

What exactly will be shown is still completely up in the air, but we do know that Nintendo is showing off other titles at the event too – including Yokai Watch 4.

There was a huge information dump for Pokémon Sword & Shield right before E3 with a Pokémon Direct on June 5. It showcased lots of new Pokémon, locations, mechanics, and the official release date to help excite fans for the release later this year.

At E3, Nintendo briefly showed off some more content during the E3 Direct and had a long session during Tree House Live show players how certain areas and mechanics would look during live gameplay. The real question would be what they could show off so soon after everything else.

The Next Generation World Hobby Fair is an event that shows off toys, video games, and other products in that vein. It mainly showcases content sponsored by Shogakukan – a publishing company known mainly for their work in the manga industry. Companies like Capcom, Bandai, and Nintendo all bring some of their games and products to show off each year.

If there is any new information revealed at the event on June 29 and 30, it may be the official confirmation of a few Pokémon shown off during the gameplay demo of the new games at E3. Both the Electric-type corgi, Yamper, and the first Dark/Fairy-type combo, Impidimp were in that demo, but have not been talked about by anyone outside of the people who played it.

Something like that smaller tidbit along with another smaller reveal is what fans should be expecting, not the sudden backtracking on the National Dex fiasco happening on Twitter after Game Freak announced not every Pokémon of the now 1,000 plus would be making it into the game. More info will be revealed closer to the event at the end of the month.

Pokémon Sword & Shield will release for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15.