Pokemon Sword And Shield Will Be Available In A Double Pack


Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available to buy as a Double Pack. For people who want to get both versions of the game, this is a great way to do so. Nintendo Direct revealed that the new game, which takes place in the Galar region, will be filled with new Pokemon, a new system called Dynamax, online multiplayer, and more! As such, the Double Pack is excellent news for people who wish to play with a friend as well.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack

Details about the Double Pack are currently thin on the ground, but Nintendo did say it would be available for pre-order today, so I will keep an eye out for details. If you would like to watch the full Nintendo Direct, you can do so on the embedded video below.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will be playing the part of a Pokemon Trainer in the Galar region. The Galar region is well known for Pokemon battles, with huge gyms hosting clashes between challengers and trainers. Many of the fights center around the new Dynamax feature, which makes your Pokemon into giants, and increases their power. Your Pokemon remains in this mode for three turns before returning to normal.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be releasing on November 15. This story is still developing.