Poster For Upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield Anime May Have Leaked Online


The poster for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield anime has apparently leaked on line, according to a report from Serebii. The reveal was due to arrive this coming Sunday, so it is entirely possible that this poster is real. If not, it won’t take very long to find out.

Front and center in the poster is one Ash, hot on the heals from his recent win. Behind him is a selection of locales and Pokemon from the games various regions. Beside Ash is a mystery new trainer, but both characters seem to be smiling so we can assume that the new person is on good terms with Ash.

There has been no confirmation about the legitimacy of the poster, and us internet folk have been fooled by talented fakers in the past. It does look great though, and ties in with the fact that the new series will be less focused than previous ones, and will feature regions outside of Galar, which will be the focused of Sword and Shield.

The series is due to be revealed on September 29, so it’s only a two day wait to see if this leak is real or not. The reveal will air after the next episode of the Japanese anime series.

H/T Serebii