Etsy Artist Creates Beautiful Medallions Based on Pokémon Sword and Shield

Galar Medallion from Etsy

A childhood dream that we all share is to actually be a Pokémon trainer in the real world. Unfortunately, reality prevents us from achieving that ambition. In order to fill the void, fans of the Pokémon franchise go to great lengths to get as close as they possibly can to achieving this long held desire.

Though we can’t actually go to random Gyms and challenge Gym Leaders, we can at least collect merchandise and medallions that look like the badges from the show and games. (We personally have all eight original badges from the first season of the Pokémon anime.)

Andrew Howat, who goes by the seller name Chompworks on Etsy, the e-commerce site that specializes with vintage and handmade items and jewelry, has a new product inspired by the Galar Medallion in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Chompworks is now selling a replica of that Medallion, which is printed in resin and hand painted. Customers can choose between a Sword or Shield version.

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In Sword and Shield, Gym leaders will give players a single piece of a whole medallion. Each piece is based on the leaders of the Galar region. Gaining all eight pieces will complete the medallion, granting you access to the Pokémon League.

Sword and Shield each have their own medallion, as each game had two exclusive Gym Leaders. The difference is reflected on the Medallion, as two of the pieces are different based on the version of the Medallion you want.

Getting one Medallion will cost £15; getting both will be £25. Note, though, that supplies are low.

Now with this new Galar Medallion, we could all get a little bit closer to becoming real Pokémon trainers, just like in the games and show.