Pokémon Guidebook Features New Magazine Cover Of Sword And Shield, New Map On The Wild Area


A new guidebook for Pokémon Sword and Shield has been shown off. It includes a new map of the Wild Area.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the upcoming eighth generations of Pokémon games. They take place in the Galar region, a new continent that is heavily inspired by the UK. In Galar, Pokémon battling is a major sport, and trainers travel the land to compete in Gym battles that take place in large stadiums filled with people. Galar has a phenomenon called Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing. Dynamaxing allows trainers to summon a giant version of their Pokémon. Gigantamaxing not only makes Pokémon giants, but it also changes their appearance.

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A new guidebook by CoroCoro, which is a popular Japanese magazine, is going to be based on Sword and Shield. The guidebook is currently going to be Japanese exclusive, and Serebii was able to provide an image of the cover.

The cover doesn’t showcase anything new, and it mostly just features Pokémon and characters that have already been revealed. We see all the revealed Gym leaders, as well as the rival characters that have already been shown off.

The only noteworthy thing of the cover is the fact that the guidebook comes with a map of the Wild Area. The Wild Area is another new feature for Sword and Shield; it is a place in Galar where trainers can explore freely and come across wild Pokémon in the open. It takes up a large percentage of the entire Galar map.

Pokémon Sword and Shield is currently scheduled to release on Nov. 15.

Header Image Source: Serebii