Nintendo Cancels Pokemon Sword and Shield Commemorative Launch Event


Nintendo has canceled the official Pokemon Sword and Shield commemorative launch event, citing “operational reasons.” The company made the announcement, and an apology for having to do so, in a Tweet earlier today.

The translated tweet reads, “[Apology] The “Pokemon Sword Shield” release commemorative event scheduled for November 15 (Friday) at the Sunshine City Fountain Square has been canceled due to operational reasons. We apologize deeply for inconvenienced customers who have been looking forward to it.”

The Sunshine City Fountain Square is an event venue that is regularly used by companies for product launches and shows in Japan. There is already speculation online that the event has been canceled due to dissatisfaction from fans about cuts to the available number of Pokemon that will be in the game, as well as other issues like the lack of a Global Pokedex.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are due to launch on November 15, and the last week has been filled with leaks about the game. From the Gym Leaders to the number of Pokemon, everything about the game seems to be ending up online somehow. The leaks have, unfortunately, not been the type of news that makes players happy.

Many people on social media are worried about apparent content cuts to the game, citing it is not the right move to make for the first mainline game in the series to arrive on a home console.

We can hope that the game is fun and engaging on the launch, but the news about the cancelation of the commemorative launch event is sure to add more fuel to the fire.