Rumor: Leaked Pokemon Sword And Shield Pokedex Reveals 94 New Pokemon


According to a leaked Galarian Pokedex, Pokemon Sword and Shield will contain 94 new Pokemon, including Galarian forms. When the full list of entries in the Galarian Pokedex leaked earlier today, our resident Pokemon expert pored over the list and was able to spot 94 new Pokemon, including those new Galarian forms.

This, combined with other rumors about the Pokedex only featuring 400 Pokemon in total, may not be welcome news for the community. Keep in mind that these are all just leaks and rumors at this point, with no real way to confirm if they are true or not. We will be waiting until we get our hands on the game and can give you accurate information as part of our review.

It is also entirely possible that leakers do not have access to all the information, so while their leaks might be accurate based on the information they have, other Pokemon may still be revealed between now and the game’s release. Game Freak and Nintendo are simply not commenting on leaks at this point, and almost certainly won’t say anything with the game’s release being so close.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release for Nintendo Switch on November 15.